Google Adwords Services By Neeraj Kumar

Google Adwords is a very specialized service and not everyone can be successful running adwords for a business. I am an Adwords Certified Individual and learnt this advertising method by spending thousands of rupees experimenting running ads.

I have decided to write an article to help new advertisers and small business owners. The article also explains how new professionals are doing mistakes and wasting money of their clients.

Here is a brief summary of content of that article Master Google Adwords :
  • Anomalies of Google Search Ad Practices in Indian context with examples
  • Master Google Adwords : Most important jargons of Google Adwords
  • Master Google Adwords : Text Search Ads Structure and Enhancements
  • Master Google Adwords : Campaign Settings and its importance
  • Master Google Adwords : Select Keywords and Keywords Match Types
  • Master Google Adwords : Introduction of Reports and their importance (Adding soon)
  • Master Google Adwords : Adwords Policies and Violations (Adding soon)
  • DIY Management of Adwords Search Campaign (Adding soon)
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Business Starting Adwords (Adding soon)
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Adwords Professionals (Adding soon)
It is large 4000+ words article and you will learn the best practices of Google Adwords. You will be a Master of Google Adwords following my suggestion.

Here is a tree of Campaign Type and Specialized Campaign Type fetched from leadsquared used to show you the campaigns types available on Google Adwords Platform.

This article is restricted to Search Ads only and I planned to write a series of article on Google Adwords Mastery in coming days.